It feels so amazing to serve your community and those in need. It is absolutely exhilarating for me to know that I just made someone’s life a little better. I’ve always said that when I become a billionaire, I will do random things like tip servers $1000 and pay for people’s groceries. Stuff like that just makes my entire day.

In an effort to inspire a bit of a love wave because the world definitely needs more of that and could never in a million years have too much, I’ve put together this list. I personally try to perform one act of kindness per day. Some days I’m more human than I’d like to be, but thankfully there have always been new days.

1. Offer free babysitting or pet sitting to a couple who deserves a date/free night

2. While standing in line at a café, pay for the person’s order in front of or behind you

3. When ordering in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant, pay for the car behind you

4. Put $10 in a purse or pair of jeans in a store with an attached note (inspirational message, etc.)

5. Hide up to five $1 bills around a store in any department(s)

6. Take a homeless person something to eat and drink (maybe even a home-cooked meal)

7. Mail a letter of forgiveness or appreciation to someone in your life

8. Give an anonymous card of encouragement to someone you believe may need it

9. Go on and give a stranger something from their wishlist

10. Bring someone (coworker, neighbor, etc.) a cold water or hot coffee w/ sugar and creamer

11. Make a “Thank You” card for a local business you are grateful for

12. Leave a generous tip for your waiter/waitress

13. Write inspirational quotes or scriptures on sticky notes and leave them in random places

14. Leave change in a vending machine

15. Write a positive comment card about an employee encountered through your day

16. Buy or pass along a great book to someone

17. Send a care package to someone

18. Give another driver your parking spot

19. Pick up any trash you see lying around

20. Let someone go ahead of you in line or into traffic on the road

21. Praise your boss – get a card & have everyone write one thing they appreciate about him/her

22. Give someone a $25 gift card

23. Say “Good Morning” to someone standing next to you in the elevator

24. Donate old clothes/shoes to charity or the thrift store

25. Bring a box of donuts or some other goodies to share at the office

26. Donate any amount of money to a charity of your choice

27. Pay for someone’s groceries

28. Make a few care packs for the homeless

29. Sit with a stranger during lunch

30. Buy your coworkers lunch

What you put into the universe is what will come back to you. Being kind and positive are not simple feats and sometimes require a lot of effort, but it’s always worth it. I can actually guarantee that much.